Meet the Team
Carl is a failed snooker player with a background in finance. He’s an entrepreneur with a keen eye for productivity and believes that consistency is the key to success. He demonstrated this by exercising every single day for nearly a decade.
Andrea has a passion for history, her dogs and her family. She’s a published children’s book author and when she’s not busy with marketing and sales you’ll find her dragging her long-suffering family through historic towns or stately homes.
Garry loves his sport from cycling to cricket, football and even surfing. He’s also the handiest person we know and his ability to fill a trailer can only be matched by a Tetris master.
Louise is our fabric expert! She also has a background in teaching, making her great with customers. When not working, Louise can be seen with her two Westies, holidaying in Cornwall or spending time with her grandchildren.
Phoenix has a range of interesting hobbies. He is an avid comic book/Manga fan and video game enthusiast. He holds a blackbelt in karate and practices judo, jujitsu and Muay Thai. He’s also a trained dramatist. You should hear his Shakespeare!
McKenzie is one clever cookie! She needs only be told once and she can take charge of most tasks. She’s a real asset. McKenzie’s favourite hobby is acting and loves performing gritty dramas.
Golden Kite Trading